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When your marketing and sales performance excel, we are thrilled. It's what we're here for and your wins are our reward.

We Want You to Be Delighted and Successful


Your Wins Make Us Happy

Block & Tackle founder Doug Walker has had the wonderful fortune of working with some amazing marketers over 25 years and has tried to learn something from all of them.

(Also, I am Doug, so I am going to stop referring to myself in the third person.)

The most important thing I’ve learned: Keep doing the right things and you’ll most likely get the results you want.


Get the marketing fundamentals right, the blocking and tackling, the X’s and O’s, and your team and company will grow and prosper.

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So I launched my marketing consulting business as Block & Tackle Marketing.

I love to figure out how to make complex things clear and simple, so I’ve mostly worked with B2B software, technology, and consulting companies.


Along the way I’ve gotten pretty good at branding and messaging, storytelling and creating content, and creatively engaging customers.


I have extensive experience in marketing for healthcare, but also a strong resume in financial services, education, data analytics, network security, education, and nuclear services.

(My dad has a Ph.D. in nuclear physics. Needless to say, the apple rolled away from the tree a little. That’s us in the banner picture at a Braves minor league game a few years ago.)

My goal is to delight clients and do the right marketing things creatively to drive revenue. And have a good time doing it.

When we work together you are hiring my 28 years of technology marketing experience and my personal focus, energy, and effort. I also have a wildly talented network of marketers to deliver success when scopes expand.

We're also just fun to work with.


Ready to boost your B2B technology marketing team and blow past your business plan targets and expectations?

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