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Employ your strong brand and content to surge qualified leads and fatten your pipeline

Put it All Together to Amplify Quality Leads and Pipeline

Fire Up the Lead Machine

None of the other marketing stuff matters if it doesn't swell your pipeline with quality opportunities.

Smart execution captures leads. A few key things enable lead generation and pipeline growth.

Define what you mean by qualified marketing leads and sale opportunities. It will help you focus on the best channels and tactics and reduce tension between marketing and sales.

Assess your current lead campaigns. What's working (do more) and what's broken (do less or better).

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Figure out where your ideal customers go for information and discussion. Let's say your ideal buyers are hospital C-level executives. Are they on Twitter or Facebook? LinkedIn? Do they really go to big healthcare conferences? What organizations are they active members of? Do they see and respond to emails, or do they have a gatekeeper executive assistant? We sometimes feel like we have to market everywhere and every way, but the reality is there are probably three or four key channels to reach and engage your target prospects.

Create campaigns, not just activities. Build campaigns around a creative theme, promotion, quality content, or a valuable offer. Strategically incorporate the content, tactics, and channels with a unified campaign objectives. This campaign focus helps keep your lead generation tactics strategic instead scattered and reactive--an email blast here, search ads that try to cover every topic, and social media effort that doesn't connect with your audience.

Get rolling. Once you're confident in a campaign design and strategy, err on the side of action. Email, social media, SEO, and search ads are all relatively easy to launch, test, and measure. Do more of what works well, tweak what works OK, and ditch what doesn't work.

Ready to ignite your lead gen and sales pipeline?  

We're here to help. 

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